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Tightening unit cases

ECU assembly
◇ Deep hole type auto Screwdriving, jam rate <0.03%
◇ 3.5s/screw, and long life for the nosepiece and mouthpiece to three years.
◇ Integrated automatic dispending and CCD inspection system
◇ Documentation & Traceability with MES
Stealth door handle tightening station
◇ HDEV Auto-Pressing, we innovate to use the method of bottom-up pressing,we reduce on process of rotating product by this way.
◇ Clamp Force Control for screwdriving station, screwdriver detects the touch point and adjusts the target torque automatically, this tightening strategy can
avoid the risks which caused by different product'. s tolerances.
◇ C/T=23s, shorter 3s than old line
◇ Documentation & Traceability with MES

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